Tips on Retail Signage and Its Importance to Your Business

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Tips on Retail Signage and Its Importance to Your Business

The signs you hang on your business’s walls and windows can excite your customers—but if employed incorrectly, the signs may only confuse and exasperate them. These tips on retail signage will teach you how to implement small but effective strategies to vastly improve your marketing strategy.


Display signs in the correct locations.

Retail signs rely on compelling design, readability, and visibility. Display your signs prominently, and don’t hang too many competing signs. Overloading your shop with signs creates discord and distracts customers from important messages that could enhance their shopping experience. Line up sale signs with the correct products—not doing so is a common misstep in small shops. Display bonus offers on business sign holders front and center— at the register or near the entrance—to ensure customers notice them.


Construct a striking design.

According to, “90% of Americans shop at a small business—a company with fewer than 500 employees—at least once each week. More than 40% of those shoppers visit small businesses at least three times per week.” When the competition is so dense, taking risks can be your saving grace. You’re contending with hundreds of signs scattered across other small businesses. Be bold—and funny—with your message. To capture and hold people’s attention, your sign should be colorful, legible, and one of a kind. Creating the perfect sign takes time, so don’t expect perfection right away. Try out different designs, fonts, and descriptions, and take the time to ask customers about their opinions.


Employ a brand strategy.

Your intentions matter to customers. If you have a message that resonates with customers—whether it’s environmental, social, or even political—you’ll be much more competitive, and your customers will value you even more. Some companies give a small portion of their proceeds to charitable organizations, and others simply spread the message of philanthropy. All such strategies tap into an audience’s emotional triggers.


Avoid too many words.

Wordiness has killed many a promising retail sign. Your business sign holders may be large, but don’t feel the need to fill the empty space with words. Keep your message succinct, and the core of your message will be much easier to comprehend.

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